Welcome to the Wilderness Basics Course! We look forward to hiking and camping with you. Listed below is a short description of how the class will proceed:

  1. Every week prior to class, you will receive an email with a link to the related class material. Please print this information out or view it on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

  2. If the class you are attending is a "trip sign up night" you will need to pick up your individual trip sign up sheet at the beginning of class. These sheets are filed alphabetically, so look for the WBC staff member who has the letter of your last name to obtain your sheet.

  3. Once you receive this sheet please take a moment to fill out the information needed and sign the form.

  4. The trip leaders arrive at 6:45PM on these "trip sign up nights" so that they may answer any individual questions that students might have. You should use this time to walk around the room introducing yourself to the leaders and getting your individual questions answered.

  5. The easier trips have lower numbers (1 = easier, 20 = very hard). 

  6. Once the class starts, the leaders of each trip will be asked to come on stage and give a brief description of their trip. It is a good idea to note two or three trips that meet your interest and ability level. Some trips fill up very quickly with each trip being limited to 10-13 students, depending on the type of trip. So if the trip you wanted is full, you will need an alternate trip chosen ahead of time. 

  7. Sign up for trips proceeds by priority number. Each student is assigned a priority number at registration. This allows for only one-fourth of the class to sign up for trips at any one time. Priority numbers are one through four and you will find your priority number on the upper right hand corner of your trip sign up sheet. This number will stay the same for you throughout the course.

  8. Signing up for trips goes very quickly and there is no time for leaders to answer any questions during the actual sign up phase. If you have individual questions, you will need to ask leaders your questions before the WBC class starts.

  9. On the first trip (Car Camp), students with Priority #1 will be called first to sign up for a trip, once they are signed up for their trips these students will return to their seats, and then Priority #2 will be asked to sign up for their trips. Once they have completed their sign up, then Priority #3 will be called and last will be Priority #4.

  10. On the second trip (Mountain/Desert Backpack), Priority #2 will be called first, then #3, #4 and last #1.

  11. On the third trip (Land Navigation Backpack) Priority #3 will be called first, then #4, #1 and last #2.

  12. On the last trip (Snow Camp) Priority #4 will be called first, then #1, #2, and then #3. Thus each student will have a chance to sign up first on at least one trip.

  13. You will have a chance to meet with your trip leaders and fellow student participants during the next scheduled WBC class. Each leader will meet in a section of the auditorium and there you will spend the next 30 to 45 minutes discussing different aspects of the trip with your group.

  14. If you arrive for class after 7:00PM, do not enter through the first set of doors. This is very disruptive to the speakers. Please go to the second set of doors down the hall and enter through the rear door.

  15. At the end of class you will need to have your WBC Student Membership card hole-punched by the WBC staff that will be stationed by the exit doors. Please be sure to make sure you did not leave any of your belongings behind.

  16. There is sufficient parking for every class, except when other large events are held at the Scottish Rite Event Center. We will notify students when other events will make parking tougher, so that you may plan ahead.

Have Questions?

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